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If you’re looking for a venue to host your event, then The Civic in Trowbridge is a fantastic place, with central location and ample transport links. We’ve hosted some amazing shows, and have promoters booking years in advance for return slots. So, speak to our team as we’d love to discuss what we can offer as a top venue in Wiltshire.

Ticket Sales

Predominantly online sales will be through Ticket Source directed from our venue website. Tickets will also be sold from the Tourist Information Centre located in the venue. If a promoter wishes tickets to be allocated to another seller, this can also be arranged.


  • Theatre seating for up to 600 depending on stage layout. The venues seating is flat/one level, plans available for download.
  • Raised grandstand seating could be provided at extra cost for 465 using the Mid-Stage setup and is subject to availability.
  • Access to the auditorium is from the rear of the hall via the main entrance foyer and bar area.
  • Labelling of seat rows and numbers is the responsibility of the promoter for all bookings other than Box office split arrangement, where it then becomes the venues responsibility.
  • 900 capacity is for concerts/gigs where the event is advertised as ‘standing only’.

Booking Acts

There are three ways we can work with promoters to hold events at The Civic. All enquiries need to be made with The Civic Manager, Paul Weimar for more details on or ring the venue on 01225 765072. The Civic Manager will have final say on if a Box office split can be used.

  • Box Office Split, we will agree to an 80/20 or 70/30 where the promoter provides the act, stage manager and back stage crew. Promoter will also be responsible for covering any merchandising staffing and will retain 100% of the income from this. The venue will provide the hire and the technician/s for the event using the equipment already fitted and listed in our technical breakdown. The venue will be responsible for all sales of food and beverage including the bar and will retain 100% of the income. The venue provides the security and FOH staffing. Artwork and brochure copy is to be supplied to the venue by the promoter as soon as possible. All other marketing expenses will be split at the same percentage split as the box office deal and must be agreed between both parties. These expenses will be deducted from box office receipts before monies are paid out. The promoter is responsible for all other expenses including artist riders and accommodation.
  • Hire, Alternatively the promoter can hire the venue at their own cost and risk. Costs for the venue, technicians, staffing and marketing will be their responsibility, along with providing the artists. The venue will provide the staffing for the bar along with the security and duty manager. 100% of income from the bar will be retained by the venue. Ticket income for the event will be subject to a 5% commission charged where the promoter wishes our box office to sell tickets on their behalf.

PRS Information

Where the Event involves the performance of copyright musical works covered by our PRS Licence, you must: comply with the terms of our Licence, complete a PRS form relevant to your event, which can be downloaded from our website. You must return this to the venue no later than 5 working days after the event. The promoter for the event, the artist or the agency agrees to a 3% charge based on box office receipts which will be deducted from owed ticket monies or invoiced after the event. We ‘the venue’ will be invoiced this charge from PRS.

The Civic Trowbridge Technical Specification

Lighting and Sound engineers

We have an appointed contract technician who supplies engineers as required for events. Only these engineers can operate equipment located within the sound light gallery. Our engineers can work alongside engineers provided by the promoter/touring company. For Box Office split arrangements the venue covers the full cost of one engineer only, any additional staff and equipment hire must be shared between the promoter and venue and would therefore be deducted from the box office receipts. For all other bookings, the promoter covers the full cost.

Load in

The Stage door is visibly marked when driving down the right hand side of the venue when you approach from the main road. Access to the stage from the loading area is Stage Left and at ground floor level.
Distance of 6m from loading door to stage wing.
Duty staff may be available to assist with load-in but not guaranteed. Promoters must ask what is available and always plan to have at least 2 persons available for loading and un-loading of large equipment.


Our stage is a multi-deck stage, and can have different configurations to suit most shows. Examples listed below are the most common used. Plans are available to download. Stage plans need to be confirmed before tickets go on sale as the stage layout will impact seating capacities.

We have a single drum riser 2.4m x 2.4m x 0.25m.
We do not have any other stage risers or platforms.

Full stage height is 1086mm and a certain amount of staging can be set at 600mm suitable for a big band tiered set-up or for a cat walk.

Full Stage: Max Depth 6.2m, max width 15.6m in a hammerhead configuration. Main performing area without wings is 6.2m x 10.8m.

Mid-Stage: Max Depth 3.8m, max width 15.6m in a hammerhead configuration. Main performing area without wings is 3.8m x 10.8m.

VIP Stage: Max Depth 5m, max width 8.4m. Suitable for Boxing, Wrestling and Cage fighting events and allows for 60-70 persons seated theatre or 100 persons standing.

Sound System

  • PA @ 8Kw Turbo Sound System
  • 4 x 3 way active mid HI’s
  • 4 x 2 x18s Subs
  • 2 x PUA centre fills
  • 8 x GRB wedge monitors
  • 4 way mix from front of house
  • Behringer X32 – 40 channel digital mixing desk
  • Behringer X32 – Compact 40 channel digital mixing desk
  • Behringer S16 digital snake stage box
  • Techpro Comms from stage to front of house position.
  • 32 way Multi Core
  • Multiple DI boxes


  • Good selection of Shure Vocal mics, Sennheiser Radio Mics, and microphone stands. Headsets and Shotgun Mics available.
  • Built in Audio Loop system

Lighting and Visual

  • Chamsys MagicQ with touchscreen PC and wing.
  • 36 dimmer channels to ceiling trusses
  • 4 x Showtec Expression 33000 zoom moving heads
  • 36 x Showtec 18 x 3in1 LED pars
  • 30 x assorted profiles/par64s and codas
  • 1m diameter mirror ball, dimmer controlled
  • Left and Right gallery landings for Follow spot and potential to video record from these positions
  • 3.6m rear stage screen
  • Sanyo Laser projector

House Lighting

  • 6 programme & dimmable house lighting
  • 3 positions for house light controllers (Bar, Back stage and Sound Light Gallery)
  • 1 x UV Cannons
  • We hire follow spots into the venue as not all shows require them. This is an additional cost to our tech support.

Sound Light Gallery

  • Located centre and rear of hall (access from first floor only)
  • Left and Right gallery landings
  • Laptop and PC for presentation control
  • 4 cat6 data outlets from stage to FOH position, suitable for digital mixing.·         


We are in the process of updating this section. In the meantime, please do get in touch if you require any specific information.

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